Monday, March 25, 2013

Are You Maybe Here To Help Me Hurt Myself?

Baths' 2010 album 'Cerulean' was a great record that I was quite late in coming across.

I was never especially fond of the so-called 'chillwave' trend that emerged around that time but there's something hypnotic about Will Wiesenfeld's ambient soundscapes that drew me in.

His 2011 release Pop Music/False B-Sides kind of passed me by but I am definitely going to investigate further, having in it now that I've heard his latest track 'Miasma Sky' from forthcoming release 'Obsidian'.

The song's pop sheen belies the underlying murk that becomes evident as you listen to the lyrics. In his own words, "Miasma Sky balances being “swallowed alive by the sky” with a gorgeous piano groove and levitative croon that could detonate a disco club night."

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