Monday, January 07, 2013

Secrets. Secrets. Buried In The Floor.

At the risk of making an already very poorly maintained blog even more redundant, I will confess that lately I've been finding some of my favourite music over on Belgian blog, Disco Naïveté.

The latest discovery is Until The Ribbon Breaks. The project is supposedly a collaboration between Rollo Armstrong (Dido's brother and member of Faithless) and Welsh singer Pete Lawrie, who was likened to Hothouse Flowers when his brand of "rugged, soul-tinged guitar music" was profiled by Paul Lester two years ago.

Now, a year after the first couple of U.T.R.B. songs were posted to SoundCloud, a video for one of the songs 'Pressure' has materialised, featuring an additional guest spot by Mr MFN eXquire. Lawrie's layered and distorted vocals combine with Rollo's inventive production for something very fresh-sounding, with an unexpected detour mid-way through the track adding another dimension.

A second track, 'A Taste of Silver', is like the iPad-wielding nephew of The Beatles' 'Come Together' and reaffirms the promise of this venture.

Pressure by UntilTheRibbonBreaks

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