Thursday, December 20, 2012

Start The Clocks, Can We Just Slow It Down?

A quick Google search for Bondax throws up some images of what I can only imagine is a fetish culture of bondage involving for latex. If all goes to plan, a similar search this time next year will yield mostly images of Lancaster teenagers George Townsend & Adam Kaye, rather than tightly-bound ladies in catsuits.

I first came across the fresh-faced fellows when their excellent track 'Baby I Got That' started doing the rounds towards the end of the summer. I guess I was somewhat late to the party, seeing as the likes of The Point of Everything had earmarked the pair's potential this time last year.

George and Adam released an EP in March, which saw them affiliated with the UK's burgeoning 'future garage' scene, which is supposed to sound like the Artful Dodger after a spin in a DeLorean, I guess.

Bondax have since signed to Sony and, judging by their latest release 'Gold', they're set for big things next year.

Gold by Bondax

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